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Aqua recharge Sheet Mask


Aqua recharge Sheet Mask This mask has 5 different Hyaluronic acids which delivers moisture and protection to the skin. Pro and Pre-biotics strengthen the skin if PH level is imbalanced, creating a skin barrier and also making it smooth. This Moisturising Sheet mask is infused with pantheon, Cantella, Asiatica extract and Ascophylum nodosum extract for optimal moisture balance. Each Mild Tencel sheet is 100% derived from Eucalyptus which creates a great attachment to the skin and delivers a strong absorption of ingredients to the skin.

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Direction: After cleansing the face with a treatment essence, retrieve the mask from packaging and fit the mask sheet to the face, apply mask on your face for 10-20 minutes and remove it. Massage slightly with fingertips to aid the absorption of the excess mask essence to the skin.


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